Tehran Municipality Exerts Levies on Immigrants


Nourlaw.com- Tehran- 10 December 2016- The Islamic Council of the City of Tehran has set new levy rates on immigrants living in the city of Tehran, as published in today’s Official Gazette. The council’s decisions are implemented by the Tehran Municipality.

According to resolution No. 160/2215/12868 dated 30/5/1395 (20 August 2016) the amount of the previous rates have been decreased and now the Teheran municipality is allowed to collect the following sums at the time of issuance or extension of the residence cards and work permits for immigrants:

1-   1,500,000 rials per year for one or two member families;
2-   2,000,000 rials per year for three and four member families;
3-   2,500,000 rials per year for the five member family or more.

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