Tax Exemption for the Entry of Foreign Currency (including banknotes and money order)

Nouraei & Mostafavi Law Offices – 28 January 2023- Tehran- Iran – Mr. Davoud Manzour, the head of the Tax Affairs Organization, in a public notification Number:200/1401/53 dated 08/11/1401 (28 January 2023), has stated that following the circular letter No. 200/1401/4 dated /27/01/1401 (16 April 2022) as well as according to the legal approval of the relevant authorities, the import of foreign currency (both banknotes and money orders) is exempt from tax. Any natural or legal person can bring any amount of foreign currency notes into the country by declaring the currency at customs entry. None of the security, law enforcement, and customs agencies have the right to prevent it. The central bank, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance, the police force, and other related institutions are obliged to adopt measures to facilitate the entry of foreign currency, and the persons engaged in this field should not worry about the issue of taxation and regulatory action regarding the investigation of the source of capital.

The validity of this resolution will be from the date of notification until the end of Aban 1402 (21 November 2023).                            

The Head of the Country’s Tax Affairs Organization

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