Prohibition of Export of Certain Capital, Industrial and Agricultural Items


Nourlaw-17 Dec.-Tehran–The ban on the export of certain capital and industrial items are listed in the recent government decision in relation to consolidation of its so called “resistance economy”. The Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade (MIMT)in a circular addressed to the provincial MIMT organizations has clarified that the export of machinery and equipment utilized in any assembly line, second hand and imported foreign road and mining equipment, as of 22 December 2018 till further notice, is forbidden.
Another restriction is now also in place, in relation to the export of agricultural commodities. The aim is to prevent the shortage of some of these commodities in the domestic market and adjust the consumer market for beans and butter. Based on a letter from the Minister of MIMT, the Iranian Customs has announced that as from 22 December 2018, the export of butter, beans and some agricultural commodities will be prohibited. But Customs has also added that the export of such goods which are produced in the free and special zones is possible by presenting a production certificate issued by the related zone.