National Budget Law allows the import of tractors, trucks, buses, minibusses and vans with a lifespan of fewer than five years.

 Nouraei & M. Mostafavi Law Offices –April 10,2023-Tehran –According to Clause S of Note 7 of the National Budget Law of 1402 (March 20,2023-March19,2024), import of some secondhand heavy vehicles is allowed.

The said clause states:” To develop public transport, regulate the market, reduce fuel consumption and air pollution and road accidents, the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade is allowed upon the approval and recognition of the Road Maintenance and Transportation Organization (intercity relevance) and the Ministry of Interior (through the relevant organization) (Urban relevance), to register the import order of the needed types of tractors, trucks, buses, minibuses and vans according to the existing laws and regulations with a lifespan of fewer than five years.

The executive regulations of this clause will be prepared by the ministries of industry, mining and trade, road and urban development, economic affairs and finance, and the country’s plan and budget organization, emphasizing the need to supply parts, after-sales services, and technical inspection, and

it will be approved by the Council of Ministers within a maximum of one month after the notification of this law.

The performance report of this clause, including the number and type of imported vehicles and operating organs, shall be submitted by the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade to the Plan and Budget, Audit and Industries & Mines Commissions of the Islamic Consultative Majlis (parliament) every three months”.

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