Iran’s National Organization of Immigration to be set up


Nourlaw 29 May 2018-Tehran-According to the notice published in the Official Gazette dated 6.3.1397 (27 May 2018), the Supreme Administrative Council which is a department of the Administrative and Recruitment Organization of Iran, in a meeting dated 15.02.1397 (5 May 2018) by the mutual proposal of the Ministry of Interior and Administrative and the Recruitment Organization of Iran regarding the procedure mentioned in the Note of Article 115 of Civil Services Management Law, approved:

“For the focusing of policy, strategy, programming, controlling and organizing the affairs of immigrants, foreigners and refugees and in order to create an efficient relationship with international organizations and institutions, the country’s National Organization of Immigration, as an independent juridical person and related to the Ministry of Interior, shall be established.

“The duties and authorities of the organization and the form of cooperation with existing administrative organs will be defined by law”.

The Decree adds that the related bill shall be prepared by the Ministry of Interior within three months and be handed over to the Council of Ministers for approval and subsequent submission to the parliament.