Iranian Judiciary Sets Regulations for Litigating through the Electronic Judicial services

Nouraei & Mostafavi Law Offices -25 August 2022- Tehran- Iran- The Implementation Regulations No. 9000/31654/100 dated 24/5/1401(15 August 2022) respecting the Electronic Judicial Services Centers and Offices, signed by the Head of Judiciary Power, was published in the Farsi- language Official Gazette yesterday. Certain Articles of the Regulations are as follows:

Article 2- The natural or juridical persons for lodging and filing and pursuing lawsuits, complaints and other judicial matters, will act through the offices or portals by using electronic and telecommunication systems.

Article 3- In acting through the portal, the petition along with relevant documents will be converted to electronic document and then after calculation of the costs of judicial services by the system and electronic payment, the tracking code is obtained and the petition will be sent to the related authority. 

Note: The Center for Satatistics and Information Technology of the Judiciary is bound to make feasible the verification of genuineness of the documents electeronically and in case of  impossibility of electeronic verification, enable the system to verify the authenticity of the documents.

Article 4- In acting through the judicial services office, the applicant will submit its petition along the supporting documents to the office. The office after indentifying the applicant and calculation of the costs of judicial services by the system and electronic payment, converts the aforesaid documents to electronic version and puts that at the disposal of the applicant for checking and matching.  As soon as the applicant has matched the electronic version with the paper documents, the office shall send that to the competent authority through the system.

Article 5- All the organizations of the Judiciary, the judicial officers, certified experts and other persons and organs related to judicial proceedings are bound to send the results of their measures,reports and execution of the judicial orders to the related authority through the system following registration of the same and obtaining the tracking code.

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