IRAN Decides to Cancel Entry Visa for Iraqi nationals on Condition of Reciprocity

Nouraei & M. Mostafavi Law Offices – 15 June 2021-Tehran- Iranian Official Gazette carried today the text of the decree of Iranian Council of Ministers (cabinet) regarding cancelling the 45-day entry visa for Iraqi nationals

The cabinet at its session of  19 Khordad 1400 (9 June 2021), upon the recommendation  No. 732/581/715476 dated 16/12/1399 ( 6 March 2021) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and in compliance with Note 43 of the Single Article of the Law of Amended National Budget of the year 1343 (1964  ) approved that: Cancellation of the 45-day entry visa for the holders of ordinary passports between the state of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the State of the Republic of Iraq is allowed on the condition of reciprocity”.

Note 43 of the aforesaid law, approved on 4/5/1343 (26 July 1964), stipulates:” Upon the recommendation of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the government is allowed to cancel or re-institute the travel visa between Iran and other countries in light of the political and economic and social interests of the country”.

Earlier, Mr. Rasoul Mohajer, Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister on Economic Diplomacy had announced Iran’s readiness for removing visa issuance with Iraq at any moment. Mohajer noted that under the Pandemic, however, the passengers of the two sides need to be checked for coronavirus and meet the required health standards.

The Iranian and Iraqi tradesmen are dissatisfied with the difficult visa issuance procedures. There are notable trade relations between Iran and Iraq as well as pilgrimage of the Shia nationals of both countries to the holy shrines and religious sites located in the territory of each country. Head of the Iran-Iraq Chamber of Commerce, Yahya Al-Eshaq, in an interview last year with ILNA New Agency said that Iran exported $ 12 billion to Iraq, which is slated to reach USD 20 billion in four years.

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