Iran and the Czech Republic Conclude Economic Cooperation Agreement

Back Tehran- 3 January 2017- The Iranian parliament On 2 Azar 1395 (22 November 2016) passed The Law of Agreement on Economic Cooperation between the Islamic Republic of Iran and The Czech Republic. The Official Gazette published the text of the legislation today.
In the preface of the 6-article accord, it is asserted that, “The government of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the government of the Czech Republic, inspired by past friendly relations and sincere links which are still ongoing between the two countries, and desiring to develop and expand the economic, industrial, technical and technological cooperation on the basis of meeting mutual interests; and understanding the necessity of having a suitable legal framework for the relationship of Iran and the Czech Republic ” have chosen to draw up an agreement in this respect.
The subjects detailed in the Agreement are: Aims; Economic Cooperation; Joint Commission; Amendments; Settlement of Disputes, Final Provisions.