Iran and China Sign Treaty on Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters

Back Tehran-3 January 2017- Iran and China desiring to improve effective cooperation of the two states in the area of mutual legal assistance in criminal matters on the basis of mutual respect of their sovereignty, equality and mutual interests, have concluded an agreement for materialization of these goals.
According to the Official Gazette today, the Law of Treaty between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the People’s Republic of China was approved by the Iranian parliament on 7 Shahrivar 1395 (28 August 2016).The 24-article accord contains subjects such as: Scope of Applicability; Manner of Communication; Grounds for Rejection or Suspension of Assistance; Form and Content of Requests; Language, Execution of Requests; Confidentiality and Limitation of Utilization; Service of Papers; Procuring of Evidence; Avoidance of Securing Evidence; Presence of Persons for Securing of Evidence or Assistance in Investigations; Transfer of Convicts for Securing of Evidence or Assistance in Investigations; Protection of Witnesses and Experts; Investigation, Searching, Blocking and Seizure of Objects; Returning Documents, Records, Items of Evidence; Assets and Proceeds Accruing from Criminal Activities; Declaration of Results of Measures Adopted in the Area of Criminal Subjects; Presentation of Criminal Records; Exchange of Records and Respecting the Related Laws; Notarial Authentication of Documents; Cost; Other Areas of Cooperation; Settlement of Disputes; Enforcement; Amendment and Termination.