Import of Certain Home Appliances Needs Agency of Foreign Companies

Back January 2017-  The Director General of the Export and Import Regulations of the Trade Promotion Organization of Iran (TPO) has announced in the circular letter No. 95/210/60470 dated 08/10/1395 that import of 18 types of electric and electronic home appliances needs the authorized agency of the related foreign company. An agency activity certificate should be obtained from the Center for the Affairs of Guilds and Merchants of the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade.

The goods for which active agency is required for importation, fall under the tariffs of the harmonized system NOs: 85094000-85164000-84818010-84713040-84716020-84714110-85176920.

The said decree is in compliance with Article 4 of the Law of Protection of the Rights of Consumers which states: ’’all the suppliers whether producers or importers of capital goods including heavy or light vehicles, industrial or agricultural and road construction machinery, home appliances, electrical and electronic products, audio and video equipment and communication devices are bound to have registered agents and authorized repair shops, to supply spare parts and render post sale services”.

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