Government Resolution Increases the Minimum Annuity for Pensions, Disability and dependent Survivors receiving Social Security Payments

Nouraei & Mostafavi Law Offices-16 June 2022- Tehran- Iran- The Iranian government, in response to wide-spread requests from those who are paid by the Social Security Organization a pension, disability allowance and or are dependent survivors, passed a decree as follows:

Decree of the Council of Ministers

Number H 59825/T/42329

Date: 1401/03/18(08 June 2022)

Upon the proposal of the Ministry of Cooperatives, Labor, Social Welfare and with the implementation of Articles (96) and (111) of the Social Security Law, the Council of Ministers in their meeting, dated 1401/03/04 (25 May 2022), approved the following resolution:

1- As from the date of 1401/01/01 (21 March 2022), the minimum pension for retirement, disability payment and for dependent survivors, in proportion to the years of premium payment, will be equal to the salary which is subjected to the resolution of Supreme Labor Council, dated 1400/12/19 (10 March 2022), and for higher levels of the minimum pension, it will be increased like that of the retirees and employees who are covered by state and military pension funds, subjected to the part (4), paragraph (a), note (12) of the National Budget Law of the year 1401. For those entitled to higher levels and whose total monthly income after the increase according to the subject of this paragraph is less than one hundred million (100,000,000) Rials, the increment shall be up to the mentioned limit, plus six million and five hundred thousand (6,500,000) Rials.

2- The family and childrens’ allowance of all eligible pensioners, shall be increased as set for the retirees of the state executive organizations, in accordance with paragraph (4) of article (68) of the Civil Service Management Law. 

First Vice President – Mohammad Mokhber

(Source: Farsi Official Gazette dated 24/03/1401(14 June 2022)

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