Economic Cooperation Agreement Formed between Iran and Croatia

Back Tehran- 3 January 2017- The Official Gazette reported today that the Iranian parliament On 2 Azar 1395 (22 November 2016) passed The Law of Agreement on Economic Cooperation between The Islamic Republic of Iran and The Republic of Croatia.
In Article 1 of the accord it is stated that the contracting parties on the basis of mutual interests and in compliance with their laws and regulations, shall promote development of economic cooperation in all areas and sections of economy.
According to Article 2, the projects to be implemented by the parties are in the following fields: Transport (road, air, sea, rail); Construction and Infrastructure; Energy and Power Industry; Oil, Gas, Petrochemical and Related Industries; Light and Heavy Industries; Agriculture; Tourism; SMEs, Cooperation Between the Companies; Other Fields of Economic and Industrial Cooperation by Mutual Agreement.
In the 9-article agreement, the following titles are tackled: Economic Cooperation, Implementation of Projects; Representative Offices, Branches and Joint Chambers; Exchange of Information; Joint Commission; Membership in International Organizations; Amendment of the Agreement; Settlement of Disputes; Final Provisions.