Decree on Visa Procedures for Foreign Nationals in Free Zones

Back October 2016- The Iran Official Gazette in its issue No. 20854 dated 19/7/1395 (10 October 2016) published Decree No. H52602T/161205 dated 8/12/1394 (2 March 2016) passed by the Iranian Council of Ministers respecting the issue of entry visas for foreign nationals in the free trade and industrial zones. Excerpts follow:

– In this Decree the Host of foreign nationals means governmental or private holders of economic corporations and development, construction, production, industrial, service, medical, recreational and touristic projects, as well as other natural and juridical persons.

Public Places refers to hotels, motels, hostels, dormitories and private places including guest houses of private companies and homes of the individuals who are authorized for hosting the travelers.

– The police stationed at the entry points of the free zones shall issue and stamp the residence permit on the valid travel documents of foreign nationals. The validity duration of the permit is one month. However, upon the request of the Host and approval of the free zone authority, it can be extended for six months. It is also renewable for an additional six month period. For the residence of foreign nationals investing in the free zones, a residence permit of one to five years can be issued at the discretion of the related free zone authority.

– For the following persons, a residence permit shall not be issued:

A) Citizens of the countries whose entry has been banned by the government of Iran.

B) Those who are not allowed to enter the country on the order of judicial and security authorities.

C) Those who are not allowed to enter the free zones on the order of judicial and security authorities.

– Foreign nationals, in addition to the entry points of the  free zones, can use

other entry points for accessing and leaving the free zones. For that, the Iranian consulates in foreign countries or domestic representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, or the representatives of police at the designated points (with prior permission of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs) will issue a visa valid for one month. Extension of the residence of such foreign nationals is possible in line with the manner described above. Upon the request  of the foreign national and at the discretion of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs,  issuance of a visa and residence permit on separate forms is allowed. In order for them to exit through the mainland, the representative office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the free zone shall issue the related visa for entering mainland Iran.

– Foreign nationals who have entered the free zones and wish to travel to the mainland, should obtain an entry visa from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ representative office in the free zone. The visa would be issued within 48 hours.

– Foreign nationals residing in the mainland and having a valid visa, will not need a separate visa for entering the free zones. They may travel to the free zones by presenting their residence permit and a valid visa.

– Foreign nationals working on Iranian oil and gas installations located outside the authorized water limit of the free zones (800 meters) should obtain their valid visa from the Iranian consulates abroad or the representative offices of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the free zones or provincial capitals.

– Managers of public and private places are obliged to inform the alien affairs section of the police of the free zone, concerning the particulars of the identity and the date of entry of foreign nationals to the zones.

– Employment of foreign nationals shall be subject to the free zones’ regulations pertaining to labor, social security and insurance.

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