Council of Ministers Decree Issued for Combating Dumping

Back Tehran- 14 June 2017-As reported by the Official Gazette today, the Council of Ministers in its decree No. H53537 T/300008 dated 16/3/1396 (6 June 2017), has set regulations  against the dumping of goods imported into Iran at prices lower than the real home-market prices which could damage the market for domestically produced goods.

The Decree foresees formation of a special committee for investigation and surveillance of the flow of imports to detect imported goods subject to predatory pricing and the adverse effects on the sale of similar goods produced in the country.

The punitive measures against perpetrators of dumping include imposition of levies equal to the difference of the unusually low price of the imported goods and their normal domestic prices. The levies will be collected when “serious damages” have been incurred by domestic producers consequent to such dumping.