Corporate Income Tax


What are the various areas of direct taxation?

According to the Direct Taxation Act, there is, in principle, a direct tax on real property, undeveloped land, inherited wealth, income earned from agricultural activities, salary, professions, corporations, incidental income acquired through various sources. However, depending on specific cases, exemptions and reliefs are also available.

Are tax facilities provided to non-Iranians investing in Iran as well?

According to the Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Act (FIPPA) of 2002 and its Implementing Regulations, all capital invested in Iran and the profits that accrue therefrom shall be subject to government protection. All rights, tax exemptions, and facilities accorded to domestic capital and private productive enterprises, are also available to foreign capital and corporations. As an example, foreigners can enjoy the advantages and facilities provided in the agreements concluded on avoiding double taxation between Iran and their respective country.

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