Conclusion of Agreement for Iran and Korea’s Mutual Administrative Cooperation in Customs Affairs

Back 3 January 2017- According to a 20-article agreement approved by Iranian parliament on1 Dey 1395 (21 December 2016), Iran and the Republic of Korea have undertaken to cooperate in customs affairs of the two countries.
the Law of Agreement between the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Government of the Republic of Korea for Mutual Administrative Cooperation and Assistance in Customs Affairs, which was published today in the Official Gazette, contains the following subjects: Definitions, Scope of Applicability, Scope of Assistance; Technical Assistance; Special Cases of Mutual Assistance; Experts and witnesses; Correspondence Respecting the Requests; Execution of Requests; Confidentiality of Information; Personal Data; Exceptions; Costs; Presence of Officers in the Territory of the Other Party; Implementation of the Agreement; Other International Agreements; Amendment of the Agreement; Enforcement and Termination.