Agreement on Social Security Concluded between Iran and Turkey

Back Tehran- 18 March 2017- According to the Official Gazette of today, the Iranian parliament approved on 27/11/1395 (15 February 2017) The Law of Agreement between the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Government of the Republic of Turkey.

Article 3 of the 32-article accord states: “The purport of this agreement applies to the persons who have been subject to the laws of each or both contracting parties and/or are presently subject to the laws of each contracting party, as well as the family members of the said persons and their heirs, unless foreseen otherwise in this Agreement”.

In light of Article 4 of the agreement, nationals of a contracting party residing in the territory of the other contracting party,  shall have the same rights and obligations  applying to the nationals of the latter party, as far as the purport of the Agreement allows.