Agreement for Transfer of Convicts Concluded between Iran and the Kyrgyz Republic

Back 3 January 2017- On 28 August 2016 the Iranian parliament approved the Law of Agreement on Transfer of Convicts between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Kyrgyz Republic. The Official Gazette carried the text of the law in today’s issue.
In the preface of the law it is stated that the two states have signed the accord in light of their mutual desire for consolidation of effective cooperation for the transfer of convicts on the principles of national sovereignty and non-interference in each other’s domestic affairs. The primary sections of the 22-article Agreement are: Definitions; Scope of Applicability, Instances of Prevention of Transfer; Information in Relation to Implementation; Exchange of Information; Transfer Request; Presentation of Documents; Consideration of the Consent for Transfer; Response to the Transfer Request; Date, Place and Manner of Transfer; Transfer Costs; Translation of Documents; Status of Judgment after Transfer; Amnesty, Forgiveness and Mitigation; Reconsideration of Judgment; Passage Across a Third Country; Retroactivity; Channels of Communication; Settlement of Disputes and Amendment of the Agreement and its Duration.