100% Tax Relief for Software Design Companies


Nourlaw- 30 December 2017- Tehran – As reported by Mehr News Agency, according to a news statement by Mr. Farzad Ismailzadeh, an information technology authority at the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade, by virtue of circular letter No. 134/96/23til 0 dated 09/10/1396 (30 December 2017) of the Tax Affairs Organization, a 100% tax exemption has been foreseen for the sale revenues of Iranian software design companies. The condition for qualifying for this five-year relief period, is that the company must have been registered as  a non-governmental juridical person for which an operation license had been issued after 01/01/1395 (20 March 2016). For those software design companies whose operating license was issued before that date, the expected tax relief will be 80% and for a period of four years.