Damages Caused by Defective Goods shall be Considered by the Governmental Courts

Nourlaw-16 March 2020-Tehran -The Administrative Court of Justice in its judgment No.3054 has adopted the following decision:

‘Since Article 18 of the law on Protection of Consumers’ Rights approved on 15/07/1388 (07 October 2009) stipulates that if goods or services  provided by suppliers of goods or services be defective and because of the deficiency, damage is inflicted upon the customer, the offender shall be convicted’, then the branches of Tazirat Hokumati (the Governmental Punishments Organization) shall deal with this matter.

Tazirat Hokumati is a state-run organization which as a disciplinary entity runs parallel to the public courts, has jurisdiction to prosecute and punish culprits engaged in profiteering, smuggling of goods and foreign exchange, hoarding and the like. The perpetrators shall be sentenced to imprisonment and/or payment of fines, as the case may be.